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3rd Annual New Year's Eve Party

New Year's Eve Party

Jawaiian Irie Jerk - Japanese in Hawaii

Jawaiian Irie Jerk Menu


Spicy Jerk Wings    Our unique Jamaican spicy jerk wings grilled to perfection.     $8.95
Smoke Fish Dip with Fresh Sweet Potato Chips   Chef Cassie’s blend of smoked Ono, herbs and spices in lite cream dressing and served with our homemade chips.   $8.95
Blackened Chicken Bites    Bites of chicken seasoned with herbs and spices seared and topped with a lively pineapple salsa.  $8.95
Jerk Shrimp served with Coconut Curry Sauce   Marinated shrimp in our jerk marinade, grilled and topped with Caribbean coconut curry sauce.   $9.25


Seafood Chowder   A flavorful mixture of shrimp, fish, shellfish, root vegetables and other seafood simmered in a non-dairy jamboree.   $5.95(cup)  $7.95(bowl)


Mesclun Greens   Local grape tomatoes and shaved red onions tossed with lite mango vinaigrette and topped with toasted coconut.   $8.95                                                  (Add Jerk Chicken $5.95 or Jerk Shrimp $6.95)


Jerk Chicken Wedge Salad   A double wedge of Iceberg Lettuce, shaved sweet onions, drizzled with our house mango vinaigrette and a whooping scoop of our jerk chicken salad.   $11.95


∼ Poultry ∼

Jamaican Jerk Chicken   Succulent chicken marinated in Chef Cassie’s jerk marinade overnight and finished on the grill.  Served with Rice n’Peas, Ital Stew and a Corn Fritter.   $14.95

Caribbean Curry Chicken    Chunks of tender chicken simmered in Caribbean curry gravy accompanied with Jasmine White Rice.  Served with a Corn Fritter.   $13.95

Brown Stew Chicken   Marinated chicken seared and simmered with veggies in rich brown gravy, a Jamaican favorite.  Accompanied with Jasmine White Rice and a Corn Fritter.   $13.95

∼ Beef ∼

Jerk Rib Eye   Cooked to order (tender & juicy) and served with turn cornmeal “polenta”, Ital Stew and a Corn Fritter.  Customers rave about our rib eye.   $24.95 (12 OZ.)   $26.95 (14 OZ.)

∼ Pork ∼

Jerk Pork   Shoulder marinated in Chef Cassie’s jerk marinade over night and finished on the grill and topped with mouth-watering jerk sauce and onions.  Served with Rice n’Peas, Ital Stew and a Corn Fritter. $16.95

∼ Seafood ∼

Escovitch Fish    Filet of fish dusted with our special dry rub sautéed and topped with lite tomato vinaigrette and veggies. Served with Rice n’Peas, Ital Stew and a Corn Fritter.     $18.95

Jamaican Steamed Fish   Whole fish seasoned and steamed with veggies.  This dish commonly found at local Jamaican food stands in fishing villages, prepared by the fisherman’s wives. Market Price


Jamaican Ital Stew   A variety of root vegetables simmered with mild Caribbean coconut curry sauce with herbs and spices.  Served with Rice n’Peas and a Corn Fritter.   $11.95

Tofu Delight   Marinated Tofu sautéed and served on Rice’n Peas, veggies and topped with a lively tangy tomato coconut sauce. Served with a Corn Fritter. $12.95

Nutty Rice   Jasmine rice, peas, mixed nuts, herbs and vegetables sautéed and topped with cheddar cheese and served on a bed of callaloo.   $11.95

Rasta Pasta  Tri-Colored Fusilli pasta, a variety of julienned vegetables, sautéed and tossed in a lite coconut tomato, cream sauce (Irie mon…yes I).   $10.95


Jamaican Curry Goat   A Jamaican favorite.  Tender chunks of goat meat seared and simmered in a Caribbean curry sauce.  Served with Jasmine White Rice and a Corn Fritter. $18.95

Jamaican Oxtail Stew   Tender, succulent oxtail; falling off the bone, which has been simmered for hours in tasty herbs and spices.  This is going to be one of your favorites to all the oxtail lovers.  Served with Jasmine White Rice and a Corn Fritter.   $19.95

Ackee and Salt Fish  This is Jamaican’s National dish.  Ackee is a unique and rare vegetable found mainly in Jamaica.  It is sautéed with salted cod and veggies.  If you search very hard you might find few Ackee trees here in Hawaii.  Market Price when available

Fried Fish and Johnny Cakes   Fried seasoned catch of the day and served with Johnny Cakes (semi-sweet cornmeal and flour mixture, fried hushpuppy style).  A true countryman’s favorite.   $15.95

Jerk Wings and Festival   Festival is a semi-sweet dumpling made from cornmeal, flour, spices and pan fried.   $12.95


Jasmine White Rice   Fluffy long grain aromatic rice.   $3.00

Rice n’Peas  Jasmine white rice cooked with coconut milk, diced veggies, peas (beans) and spices.   $5.00

Ital Stew   A variety of root vegetables simmered in a mild Caribbean coconut curry sauce with herbs and spices. $6.00

Festival or Johnny Cakes  Semi-sweet cornmeal & flour mixture, fried hushpuppy style.   $5.00

Plantains  Cousin to the banana and fried to perfection.   $5.00


Caribbean Style Bread Pudding    Served warm with a rich creamy rum sauce.   $5.95

Jamaican Coconut Rum Cream Pie    Served with rum sauce.   $5.95

Key Lime Pie   A Caribbean favorite served with mango coolie.   $5.95

Banana Paradise    Bananas marinated in a special batter, rolled in nuts and served with a healthy scoop of rum raisin ice cream, chocolate & strawberry sauce and topped with whip cream.   $8.95

Rum Raisin and Grapenut Ice Cream   These two Jamaican favorites are locally made special for Chef Cassie by Cold Fyyre Ice cream (Yum).  Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Ice Cream are also available. $5.95


Sorrel   A flower related to the Hibiscus.  Brewed with fresh Hawaiian ginger and sweetened with cane sugar.   $4.95

Pineapple Ginger Brew   This brew is made from the skin of our local pineapple and fresh ginger with Aunt Vicky’s twist.  Served with fresh lemon   $4.95

Pellegrino   Bottled sparkling water (25.3 Fl Oz.)   $5.95

Irish Moss (when available)   Seaweed found mostly in the Caribbean, prepared with toasted flax seed and other spices to create this aphrodisiac.   $6.95 

”Enjoy with the blessings of the islands"



ORDERS TO GO - 388-2917

Jawaiian Irie Jerk Menu